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Tired of heavy canvas bags or bags
with store logos?

Nae's Earth bags are eco-friendly reusable tote bags geared toward fashion conscious people. Carry all your stuff with style using Nae's Earth bags while helping to save the planet!

Choose original solid color bags in 10 fab colors or 8 gorgeous paisley prints. Keep all of them in our convenient carrying pouch.
Use It Again Sam® and Nae's Earth are brand names produced by Nadine & Co. LLC.
Use It Again Sam® is a registered trademark owned
by Nadine Saubers. Registration Number: 3471684. Copyright 2007-2013 All rights reserved
spring is here sale!

gorgeous, chic, reusable bags only five dollars each
5$ (was $6.95)
solid color bags
choose from 10 colors
5$ (was $7.95)
paisley bags
choose from 8 colors
nae's earth bags fold into a pouch so you'll never lose it!
view and download folding instructions here.

only 5$ each
wow your friends
with gorgeous chic bags!
welcome to nae's earth
where schlepping is stylish!
I bought these because I keep misplacing my canvas bags. They are much better. I can put all 6 in my purse. No one ever knows where I shop. They really can hold 3 gallons of milk or lots of canned goods. If I had to do it over again, I'd buy these instead of any other kind. You can take them anywhere, Walmart to Macys.. SEE REVIEW